Germaine Greer | Peak Trans
Germaine Greer As I mentioned in my peak trans story, I was aware of the fuss about Greer's scheduled lecture, Women & Power: The Lessons of the 20th Century but I didn't express an opinion on it publicly. This article by Payton Quinn is typical of the kind of nonsense put forward by the trans ideologues: Why I Believe No-Platforming Germaine Greer Is the Only Option Early in the piece we are accosted by the not only logically flawed but utterly ludicrous suggestion that, by stating that trans women are not actually women, Germaine Greer is "espousing misogyny". Just to be clear – misogyny is hatred of women because they are women. Greer's argument that men can't be women has nothing to do with misogyny. Payton Quinn's main argument depends on the flawed premise that stating that trans women are not women is transphobic. Wrong. A phobia is an irrational fear, dislike, hatred or prejudice. Saying that trans women are not actually women but they are free to express themselves however