Gender criticism across the political spectrum | Peak Trans
Like many people, I feel betrayed by the Labour party for several reasons nowadays – not least because of their disregard for the concerns of women in respect of transgender ideology. For this reason I also disdain the Green Party and the Lib Dems – which are the only other parties I might conceivably vote for. Of these three parties, only in the Lib Dems could I find no gender critical voices at all: no bloggers, no articles. On the contrary, in former councillors Sarah Brown and Zoe O'Connell, I found some of the nastiest trans activists I've ever come across. I still live in hope that somewhere out there are Lib Dems putting their heads above the parapet as bravely as are many Labour Party members and some Green Party members and, if there are, that someone will point them out to me. The Tories, of course, can take credit for the proposal to amend the 2004 Gender Recognition Act in the direction of making it easier to declare oneself something one is not. The proposed amendments