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This page is about gender. I devote a page to sex here. My dog is a plumber He must be a boy Although I must tell you That his favorite toy Is a little play stove With pans and with pots, Which he really must like Cause he plays with it lots. So perhaps he's a girl, Which kind of makes sense Since he can't throw a ball And he can't climb a fence. But neither can dad And I know he's a man And mom is a woman And she drives a van. Maybe the problem Is in trying to tell What someone is By what he does well. Dick Cavett There is quite a bit of disagreement over what the word 'gender' means but the definition I use is explained here and is currently on the World Health Organization's website: That gender is socially constructed is a widely but not universally held view. I'm grateful to popular transsexual youtuber, Blaire White, for making some very interesting videos, which have helped me to clarify my own thoughts. Blaire doesn't claim "trans women are women". On that we are in