Fighting Back | Peak Trans
Every page of this site contains links to articles or videos created by people fighting back against the absurdity of gender ideology and the deeply sinister attempts to impose it on people in every sphere of life and in a manner that brooks no opposition. But as grassroots resistance to that ideology in general and to gender self-declaration in particular is increasing, it's time to have a page for news and information about specific actions taken by those resisting. Information about the GRA and how to oppose the proposed reforms is on this page of this site, while lesbian protests at the Pride can be found here. There's only one Posie Parker! Only one worth talking about anyway. Kellie-Jay Minshull aka the Posie Parker has been a tireless campaigner for the apparently highly controversial idea that a woman is an adult human female. She has also successfully drawn out the ugliest side of the #transcult, who have victimised her relentlessly and got her permanently banned from Twitter