Feminists fight against gender choice in census The Times 04.12.18 | Peak Trans
Women's rights will be undermined by plans to conflate sex and gender on Scotland's official census, academics have warned. The Scottish government plans to change the poll to allow people who view themselves as neither male nor female to choose a non-binary option. Women's groups have argued that even considering any answer other than male and female will lead to sex and gender being misinterpreted. Sex and gender reassignment are protected in law, although gender identity is not. Rosemary Auchmuty and Rosa Freedman, both from the University of Reading, told MSPs on parliament's culture committee that "conflating sex and gender identity will undermine sex as a separate category protected by law". In a written submission to the committee they added: "We are concerned with ensuring the retention of [biological] women's rights in relation to sex-segregated spaces and services, as already protected by the Equality Act in circumstances that are 'necessary and proportionate'." Professor