ERASURE | Peak Trans
What do we mean by erasure? When I first heard the term being used in respect of trans ideology, it sounded hyperbolic. I changed my mind, after seeing: Male-born trans people who insist that they are women just the same as I am but who show no understanding of what it means to be female and getting called 'terf' or 'bigot' for daring to disagree with them; the unqualified support the trans lobby is getting from all the major political parties, while protests from feminists are ignored or dismissed as 'transphobic'; the accomplishments of girls and women in sports stolen from them by males competing in their events; the psychological and emotional well-being of vulnerable women in prisons and women's shelters disregarded because of men's feelings; clothes shops, among them fashion chain store, Topshop, whose customers are primarily very young women, introducing gender neutral changing rooms; a man who's been married three times, fathered six children and won an Olympic Gold medal in a