I knew that people "transitioned" but I didn't know that sometimes they detransition until I started taking an interest in transgender issues in general. I don't have anything to say about detransitioning but other people do, so this page is for relevant screenshots, links and videos. It also includes stories of regret from trans people who haven't detransitioned. Support Information and support on tumblr for detransitioners James Caspian By James Caspian James needs your support urgently. Read more here. My battle with the transgender thoughtpolice James Caspian 22.02.19 'Why are we so scared to admit many people regret changing their gender? The Sunday Telegraph17.02.19 Fifty trans people tell therapist of regrets The Sunday Times 10.02.19 Dispute over 'detransition' study heads for High Court The Times 07.02.19 This story gets pride of place for reasons that should be obvious. It originally appeared on reddit here. I'm detransitioning... Here's a