I knew that people "transitioned" but I didn't know that sometimes they detransition until I started taking an interest in transgender issues in general. I don't have anything to say about detransitioning but other people do, so this page is for relevant screenshots, links and videos. It also includes stories of regret from trans people who haven't detransitioned. Support Information and support on tumblr for detransitioners This story gets pride of place for reasons that should be obvious. It originally appeared on reddit here. I'm detransitioning... Here's a screenshot of comment that was spotted beneath an article on a website that no longer exists. Jade is on Twitter. Jesse Singal article This one is long and has provoked a massive angry backlash: When Children Say They're Trans Jesse Singal It is accompanied by a video featuring Carey Callahan, who is mentioned in the screenshot of Jade's quote above: Reversing a gender transition And here's a