Crime | Peak Trans
This page is about crime committed by confirmed male-born transgender people or by men taking advantage by claiming to be transgender. Why have such a page? Are male-born trans people more likely to commit crime than other males? Not as far as I'm aware. And if their testosterone level decreases as a result of treatment, their rate of crime may be lower, so I'm told. In fact, I'm aware of research that shows the rate of crime doesn't decrease as a result of transition. I'm also aware of research that shows it does. (Nobody, so far as I know, is trying to suggest that all transgender people are criminals, and I don't know why this accusation ever gets made by anyone.) More importantly, I'm aware that the rate of violent and sexual crimes committed by male-born transgenders is much higher than the rate for such crimes committed by women – including those who transition because they identify as men. And the sexual crimes committed by transfolk tend to involve a penis, which is something