Blog: The physical attack on Julie Bindel and the trans cult response | Peak Trans
When a woman gets attacked by a man (or three) and the attacker claims to be a woman, there are two options open to trans activists and their allies. One is to unreservedly condemn the attack and distance themselves from the attacker(s); the other is to try to spin the attack, to minimise it, to make it sound like it wasn't really an attack, that the victim had provoked it in some way or simply that she deserved it because of her (assumed) views. Trying to make out that it was the victim who was, in fact, the attacker and the violent male assailant was some poor unfortunate "trans girl" or even that it was a set-up deliberately intended to entrap a trans person – both of which happened in my case – are optional extras. On hearing that Julie Bindel had been the victim of such an attack on Wednesday evening, there was no doubt in my mind which of those options most trans activists – a group not exactly known for their integrity – would go for. If they could spin an attack on an unknown