Blog: How confused am I! | Peak Trans
A couple of days ago, a man was kind enough to take the time to comment beneath the blog I wrote about the Brighton Bullies. As a gesture of appreciation and in the hope that many more will see the comment and learn from the writer's manly wisdom, I've decided to copy and paste it here, with a few corrections of typos and punctuation for ease of reading. My response is below it. Dear Darryl Thank you so much for your comment and for helping me realise just how shamefully confused I am! I am certainly confused that you call the quotes you selected from my blog on my experience at a feminist meeting in Brighton,"straplines and buzzwords" and that you offer these as a justification for what you generously concede are "overly emotional and perhaps ill-considered" responses of some trans rights activists, even though to those of us on the receiving end, they feel rather like vile misogynistic abuse, bullying, intimidation and violence. Your implicit suggestion that if we only kept our