Ban for Girl Guides who identify as boys by Lucy Bannerman in the Times 27.09.18 | Peak Trans
The original article is here. Girls who self-identify as boys are to be asked to leave the Girl Guides in a move that has been lambasted by parents and guide leaders as "cruel, unfair and appallingly hypocritical". The organisation has recently broken with years of tradition as a single-sex movement to welcome boys who identify as female as part of its controversial "transgender inclusion" policy. It says it sees no problem with allowing biological males to join girls on camping trips and share showering and changing facilities, insisting that "Girlguiding is for all girls, and that includes trans girls". The Times can reveal that the same policy advocates the exclusion of girls who say they are transgender. Those who identify as male or "non-binary" will be discouraged from joining the Guides, while those who are already guides and have taken the "Promise" — the Guides' oath of allegiance — will be asked to leave, the charity confirmed. "Girlguiding is for girls and therefore we