Bad arguments | Peak Trans
When I first started feeling concerned about the kinds of things a lot of trans people were saying, I looked forward to hearing arguments that would help to shape my ideas one way or another. Part of me wanted to be convinced by the trans activists and so rekindle the warmth and compassion I'd felt after hearing the likes of Rikki Arundel and Stephen Whittle and watching the My Transsexual Summer series (see My Peak Trans Story). While it's been frustrating and disappointing to find that so many trans activists' arguments are short on reason and overly emotional, at least they have helped me to clarify my own position. Here are some of the "arguments" – for want of a better word – that don't impress me. I had originally intended to include the assertion that 'Trans Women are Women' on this page as all the arguments made in support of it are very bad indeed. However, as it is the core tenet of transgender ideology, I decided to put it here. "Anyone who self-defines as a woman is