Blog: A response to a response to "Doing better in arguments about sex, gender, and trans rights" | Peak Trans
Here is a recently published article by philosophy professor, Kathleen Stock, on Medium. It was co-written with five other feminist academics, who are united in that they are all I've added the emphasis because it's a clear explanation of one of the most important reasons why we challenge transgender ideology and why I now believe we should resist every aspect of it (including its vocabulary – something that the article notably doesn't do but then it would probably be removed by Medium's anti-feminist censors if it did). What it does do is competently expose a number of fallacious arguments made by trans activists and allies. It's a good piece but I suspect it's way above the heads of most trans activists and that few people who really need to read and engage with it will bother to do so. I doubt that it will succeed in "laying the ground for more fruitful discussion from now on". Personally, I don't think the people who resort to the fallacies and false analogies referred to in the