Visions of Shadows-A.M. Burns and A.T. Weaver - Paranormal Romance Guild
A child’s cry shall lead them. Connor McGriffin, psychic cougar shifter, can’t resist when he’s called to Phoenix to help find two missing boys. With his team at his side, he follows his visions and a hot trail through the desert and across the border. But there are more obstacles than ever before as he fights to interpret the images his psychic gift provides. Danny Lupan is trying to adjust to his new role in life, Connor’s partner and member of Shifter Force. When the system he’s spent years in the middle of starts blocking them, he’s got choices to make, some of them harder than he expected. Even as their team is on the cusp of earning their wings, tension from inside and out might pull them apart. Emotions run high when the lives of children are on the line as Shifter Force races across the desert southwest, facing more danger than they could imagine, while they struggle to keep the cries Connor hears from becoming more graves. Book 2 of the amazing new urban fantasy series, Shifter Force, is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last incredible page.