“Green Monster” Sports Mouth Guard | Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guards
Dual color & two-layer mouth guard material with unique design to reduce setting time to get a precise fit around your teeth and gums especially for boxing, MMA and other high-impact sports. The lower layer of mouth guard is made of special energy-absorbent material, not common Silica Gel, which has high shock-absorbing capabilities and efficiently absorbs and disperses impact away from the point of contact to reduce server injuries from high-impact sports. The upper layer of mouth guard is made of special thermoforming material which fits your upper teeth and gum perfectly. Our design team has spent the last two years tuning up our mouth guards to its finest so you can look good, feel good, and play good. A premium mouth guard from Oral Mart is definitely a great investment if you or your children play high-impact sports. Or Add to Cart Below… Read More