What is a Personal Learning Network? More Answers | Online And Distance Learning
What is a Personal Learning Network? This is Marc-André Lalande's take on the matter in less than two minutes. Learning in a Networked World: For Our Students & for Ourselves Will Richardson, Chief Learning Officer, Powerful Learning Practice If we have access and the skills to take advantage of it, the Web gives us an easy connection to the people and resources needed to learn whatever we want to learn, when we want to learn it. That fact challenges the fundamental beliefs that we've held about schools, teaching and learning for more than 100 years. As our students graduate into a fast-changing, uncertain world, what assumptions do we need to reconsider about how to best prepare them for their futures? How can each of us begin to change our own learning practice to better model these new opportunities for students? What new challenges must we overcome to make sure the idea of school remains relevant in the networked world in which our students will live? Will