This Man Uses Twitter To Augment His Damaged Memory | Online And Distance Learning
Thomas Dixon lost his episodic memory in a traumatic brain injury, and Twitter is helping him get it back. John Paul Titlow (Associate Editor, FastCoLabs) writes: Thomas Dixon has no idea what he did yesterday. Sitting across from me at an outdoor cafe, he tries to jog his memory by doing what a lot of us do habitually: checking his iPhone. Specifically, he pulls up Twitter and starts scrolling through his own feed. "Ah right," he says. "I was talking to my friend Stephanie about our New Year's Eve plans." On this drizzly Friday afternoon in downtown Philadelphia, nothing seems even remotely unusual about a guy checking his phone to look something up. But unlike you or I, Dixon isn't exercising a compulsive, unnecessary habit. Without his phone, he literally wouldn't be able to remember what he did yesterday. Twitter is his memory. Four years ago, Dixon was out for a run near his parents' house when he was struck by a car and injured so badly that doctors weren't sure if he would