STANLEY Butt Gauges
A choice of 3 little used American STANLEY butt gauges.Very good nickel plating throughout.All parts move freely and tighten securely.1.) STANLEY No.94, marked 'MADE IN U.S.A' with the Sweetheart trade mark on one of the thumb screws, 3 inches overall length2.) STANLEY No.95, marked 'STANLEY NEW BRITAIN CONN. USA' on one of the thumb screws and 'PAT'D-No95 -2-28-11' on the body, 3 inches overall length3.) STANLEY No.95 1/2, marked 'STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO NEW BRITAIN. CONN. U.S.A.' on one of the thumb screws with the 'B' casting mark on the body, 21/2 inches overall length£29.00 eachPlease choose your gauge from the drop down list.