Pair of Sheffield Made Deep Curved Woodcarving Gouges by ASHLEY ILES - No.19 Sweep
A pair of Sheffield made deep curved woodcarving gouges by ASHLEY ILES.Sizes 5/16 and 9/16 inch.Not marked with a sweep number but both are a good match for a No.19 London pattern sweep.These gouges were made in Sheffield by ASHLEY ILES between 1949 and 1967 when the family business relocated to Lincolnshire.Marked 'ASHLEY ILES SHEFFIELD LTD' on the blade.A 100% guarantee is offered by ASHLEY ILES, please see their website www.ashleyiles.co.uk for details.Very good boxwood handles with brass ferrules, the larger gouge is marked '31/4' near the ferrule and both have stylized number 10s. Previous owner's stamps 'G.E.MORRIS' on the handles with 'GM' etched on the back of the blades.85/8 and 9 inches overall length.From a group of similar large size gouges made in Sheffield using traditional techniques during the early years of production by this respected maker.