Students' Critical Theories in Applied Settings [Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge, II, 2, 2004] | OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research
This Fall 2003/Spring 2004 (II, 2) issue of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge includes a collection of student essays exploring their lives in an, applied, sociological imagination framework. Topics are: "A Welcoming Statement to the Editorial Advisory Board," "The Complexity of Naive Acceptance of Socially Manipulated Beliefs," "Alice in the Gendered Sports-Fan Wonderland: A Sociological Inquiry," "Will I Marry Her?," "The Effect of Immigrant Experiences on the Bifurcation of Women’s Consciousness," "Who are “I”?: A Sociology of My Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Selves," "My Life’s Tapestry: Casting Theoretical Lights on the Social Threads That Tie Me Down," "From Alienation to Exploration: Breaking Free from the Iron Cages of My Life," "Body Image: A Clouded Reality," "Obsessed with Impression Management: A Critical Sociology of Body Image in Capitalist Society," "The Roots of Procrastination: A Sociological Inquiry into Why I Wait Until Tomorrow," "Honesty, Trust, and Love—In That Order: A Sociology of My Emotional Kaleidoscope," "Questioning Motherhood: A Sociological Awakening," "Durkheim, Mead, and Heroin Addiction," "Anomie or Alienation?: A Self-Exploration of the Roots of Substance Ab/use," "Just Live: The Trick Is, You Have A Choice," "“Asian”: Just A Simple Word," "Defining the Other," "De/Reconstructing Utopianism: Towards a World-Historical Typology." Contributors include: Ayan Ahmed, Elizabeth J. Schumacher, Chris DaPonte, Guadalupe Paz, Marie Neuner, D. M. Rafferty, Annie Roper, M. D., Michelle B. Jacobs, Jennifer M. Kosmas, Lynne K. Marlette, Keilah Billings, Nancy O’Keefe Dyer, Buddi Osco, Savvas Fetfatsidis, Kuong C. Ly, Jorge Capetillo-Ponce, and Mohammad H. Tamdgidi (also as journal editor-in-chief).