About Omar Khayyam | OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research
Khayyam has been called a mystic, sufi, hedonist, skeptic, utopian, scientist, philosopher, freethinker, materialist, and much more, being uniquely criticized and praised by voices in both religious orthodoxy and mysticism. He was not persuaded by the conventional narratives of the religious orthodoxy, nor did he identify himself with any particular mystical school. However, he was also not satisfied with the assumed certitude of the sciences and philosophical discourses of the past or his time. Khayyam’s quatrains speak of an independent spirit searching for rational answers to the paradoxes of existence. Khayyam’s poetry suggest its author’s inclinations toward a mixture of mysticism on one hand and this-worldly utopianism on the other, but identifying with neither of the crowds. He demonstrates a skeptical attitude toward the claims of both religious and secular dogma. He may have been in religious, scientific, and philosophical currents of his time; but he was not of them. [read more ... ]