About Okcir's Director | OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research
Mohammad H. (a.k.a. 'Behrooz') Tamdgidi (pronounced "tamjidi"; Persian: «محمد حسين تمجيدى، «بهروز ), is an Iranian-American sociologist, specializing in the sociology of self-knowledge, human architecture, and utopystics—three overlapping theoretical, methodological and applied fields of inquiry he initiated in his doctoral studies in 2002 and has since pursued. Tamdgidi's research, teaching, and publishing practices have been framed by an interest in understanding how personal self-knowledges of multiple selves and singular world-historical social structures constitute one another. This line of inquiry has itself been a result of his long-standing interest in understanding the underlying causes of failure of the world's utopian, mystical, and scientific traditions in bringing about a just global society. [read more ... ]