AG - Chapter 40 | Octavia Atlas
Tybris walked to the first of three cells and sat down in the chair outside the one that held Rasmus. "So, here are your circumstances," he began. "You're going to provide me with services. You've been quite helpful to my uncle but it's time for you to change your focus. I want you to tell me all of Dagmar's plans." "What makes you think I know anything?" Rasmus asked. He propped himself up on one elbow, continuing to lay nonchalantly on the cot that had been provided for him. "You can hold me here for another week but I've no incentive to help you. I'll just consider this a bit of a vacation. Soon, Dagmar will get tired of you." "Let's stop with the games," Tybris said, as he chuckled. He forced his eyes to avoid sweeping down Rasmus' muscular body and tried to focus on his goal. "I'm sure we can be beneficial to each other. I can't imagine you enjoy being Uncle Dagmar's minion." Rasmus was staring resolutely at him. It had been several weeks since the covert squad that worked for