Reach Out For These Skincare-Makeup Hybrids To Make The Most Out Of Your Beauty Routines
Putting on makeup may seem like something you'd stray away from if you've got a growing list of skin concerns that you're already worried about. For some, you'd avoid makeup at all cost, and for others, layering on makeup may be the least of your worries — despite your skin being against it. Is there ever something that's in-between?Heck, you might not even have any skin concerns but the thought of going through your skincare routine before slapping on some foundation already tires you out. In a recent interview with Shannon Prie, Vice President of Global Education at IT Cosmetics, she mentioned that skincare hybrids are "more than just a trend, it's more like a solution. When you're not putting bad stuff, your skin will actually look better" as she explained more about her holy grail favourite — the CC Cream — and how IT Cosmetics (and its products) has worked well for her skin over the years. Thankfully enough, the beauty industry has seen explosive growth over the years, with new innovations springing up ever so often. In this case, it sits somewhere between makeup and skincare. Here, we're introducing to you some of the latest skincare-makeup hybrids, featuring some cult favourites and HGs that can pull double duty and get us out of the door faster.