Why Do I Write So Much ? |
That is a question I keep getting asked when I meet new bloggers, who have read The Canadian Personal Finance Place, they seem somehow in awe of my prolific output, but I think they forget some of the more dubious bits of writing that I have done over the past few years. I have even written about How do you write so much? on the site itself, but let's look a little closer as to why Sisyphus and I have so much in common. I end up writing 5 times a week, and I will also Tweet about 10 more posts from this site and from the Canadian Personal Finance site as well, just to keep the content in front of folks eyes. I use hootsuite to make sure I don't create any Twitter Tsunamis and to time the tweeting a bit better (around lunch time is a good time to bring up older content). The one thing I am very careful with Hootsuite (which I'd like to replace, since it doesn't do enough) is NOT use their URL shortener, but use the FULL URL from each post, so that Twitter counts that tweet (with the