Using Alexa To Clean up |
I have been trying to find a smart way to clean up my old blog on blog spot Canadian Financial Rants, but I finally bit the bullet and deleted it and then recreated it. That purged all of the entries on the site, and now it has a single entry telling whoever trips over the site to go to Canadian Personal Finance Opinions, instead. My concern is with the old site still around if Google's bots found it and went through it my page rank would get set back to zero (again), as it stands now, the only official copies of my content are now on Canadian Financial Opinions, so I am happy with that. I also noticed that Alexa has 82 sites that link into Canadian Financial Rants, so I used Alexa to point out these sites and then started sending the Blog owners where the links are that the blog they are pointing at has moved to Canadian Financial Opinions. Where it was not possible, I simply left a comment on the site that also pointed to Canadian Financial Opinions, so hopefully this will add to my