One Mention and Boom (again) |
As I have said previously sometimes the biggest readership bumps come when you are mentioned by the Main Stream Media or by someone from the Main Stream Media, and this week we have yet another powerful example of what this can do for a smaller site like THE Canadian Personal Finance Site. My post about How to Get a Better Deal with Telecomm Companies went viral when Rob Carrick mentioned it in his on-line Globe and Mail Carrick on Money weekly post. How viral (to me viral is relative to my regular readership)? Look at the following graphic: That mention alone took me from about 500 page views a day to 3000 for a few days. Will I keep these new readers? I will keep a few, but it is still nice to get these jumps every once in a while to make me feel like I am actually being heard a little out there. It's funny, when I wrote that post, I didn't think much of it, it was more of a note to myself to remember how I got a good deal, the next time I have to deal with the Customer Retention