Link Building a Tutorial (Internal) |
So it has taken me about 6 years and a lot of mistakes to figure out how to slowly but surely build links into your site (and across your site) and thus build your Page Rank as well. I will describe the techniques and ideas that I have used with THE Canadian Personal Finance Site . Old "Dead" Content This is the big problem, if you don't have internal links to your old content, it is as good as dead (not making you any money, or giving your readers a feel for your ideas). If you do not link to it, once the post is off your front page, and it does not have any links to it, the only way that a reader will find it is via SEO trickery (which is snake oil in my opinion) to manipulate searching, or via a blind luck search hit. This is why you need to create a tight lattice of internal links to your own content, to make sure your old content is still useful (and by useful I mean money making). I have heard many times that External Links are the most important thing for a new site, and