End of Year on the Web |
As 2012 is coming to a close I figured I'd write a post on this year in blogging and the changes for my Financial Website THE Canadian Personal Finance Site (this is mostly for me to remember next year). The year started pretty quietly, with a nice bit of income from Text Link Ads (the service not the concept) of about $70 a month, and a little bit of income from Adsense and other site advertising. The site continued to look like crap, but I kept thinking I'd get around to that, but circumstances forced my hand in that situation. About June Google decided to use another algorithm for doing Page Ranking and with that new methodology came a smack down to Page Rank Zero (again). This happened about 2 years ago, and it eventually came back after a long time (I think I was a Page Rank 5 before). Evidently I was doing unnatural linking to external sites and such. I tried some initial silly things, asked for a reconsideration and was told that I had not done enough. During this time I also