End of 2010 Personal Finance Biz Review |
Another relatively successful year for THE Canadian Personal Finance site, however, not nearly as successful as I think it should be to justify the amount of time I spend on writing and developing the business. Some of the highlights of my successes (to be optimistic): My Alexa ranking has gone from off the face of the earth to 98,186, which means I think I have succeeded in the Yakezie challenge (got below 100,000 on Alexa). My income from Adsense is up about 5% this year over last, which while good is still slave wages compared to the amount of work put into the site. TextlinkAds kept up it's regular payment pace, and it paid about 10% more for the year, so I mustn't complain about that. I had other income of about $200 from other bits and pieces, which is up a little bit over last year. My presence of Social Networking seems to be much higher these days and I am drawing more readership from these sites, but they are not of very high quality, in that they are not big Adsense