Don't Follow or You Will Be in Trouble |
So the root of most of the issues Google is having with THE Canadian Personal Finance Site seems to be failing Google's Quality Guidelines , seems to be too many links on my home page and on my site so it looks to them like I am a link farm. I feel I am not, but I also realize I do have a lot of links all over my site with Carnivals and such but I am also taking steps to clean up some of the link mess as well. I have a bunch of things on my page template which linked to sites directly, but I have added Rel=NoFollow tags to many of those (since these links are really courtesy links to friends of mine). I have told TextLinkAds that I will be removing them in 30 days (I told them that a while ago), so that may be a big fix, but I might be mistaken. Hacking the Commenters plug-in to create links with Rel=NoFollow was also kind of fun, and that should cut down on the spurious looking links too. I have gone through many of my older carnival links and done bulk changes to the links there to