Comments Update |
Comment relish turned out to be a bit of a non-helpful plug in, as it continued to send thank you e-mails to folks it had already thanked, and I actually got a couple of complaints about it, so I have removed it from the Finance Site. I have added Comment Luv to the systems to see if anyone appreciates adding their own posts to my comments, we shall see whether it turns out to be of any value either. This allows commenters to include links back to articles in their comments, to show some luv for the comment. I'll see what this causes (my guess is a fair amount of SPAM, so I will be keeping my audit'ing on as well). Text Link Ads are really pissing me off, as this is the second month where they have allowed "advertisers" to have ads up on my web site for an entire month, withdraw on the last day, and I don't get any money for it? WTF? That is seriously bad karma, and I may remove it from my site, if this keeps up. I have also removed Pingcrawl from this site, as it kept causing my