Commenting and Relish |
Added the Comment Relish plug in from Justin Shattuck to Canadian Personal Finance Opinions to see whether sending e-mail to first time commenters causes more traffic through the web site. Seems to work just fine, we shall see if this actually causes folks to wander through my site or not. My Alexa inbound link number continues to be static at 67 as well, which makes no sense any more, given I have many new Carnival entries, so Alexa is on my "What do they actually do?" list now. Google continues to not really traverse this web site, and the entries in their are completely bogus links to entries that do not exist either, so that is more fun for me to chase down too. More advertising income this week which is great, and more things to learn about too. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Google Byline 2.0: The iPhone App For Google Reader Freaks