Quickly killing manually submitted spam with Drupal - Nocean
I run a relatively popular Drupal-powered site that entirely depends on user-generated content. Because the site has a decent amount of clout with the search engines, and because the principle of the site is about sharing links, it tends to get hammered with spam. The vast majority of spam is submitted by bots, which is relatively easy to combat (I use reCAPTCHA and Spamicide). However, and somewhat surprisingly, there is still a solid amount of manually-submitted spam. By "manually-submitted", I mean someone is actually taking the time to create a (probably fake) e-mail address, registering on the site, confirming the e-mail and then submitting their pieces of spam one-by-one. When last I counted, I receive about 100 to 200 spam content items by this method per week. That the spam never sees the public eye doesn't seem to deter spammers in the least. None of this spam is ever "published" on the site, it is all held in a queue until I can manually delete it. A pain for me, and of absolutely no value to spammers. I'd e-mail them and ask why they bother if I thought it would result in an answer.