My Truly candid wedding moments from 2016
I like to call myself as a wedding photographer, or as a photographer who sees weddings in the realm of stories - a visual storyteller. But, the marketing of Indian wedding photography industry is built on the phrase - candid wedding photographer. I do candid wedding photography too. But, I don't want to over simply the work that I do in complex Indian weddings into that phrase alone. Yes, looking for unscripted candid moments is the crux of the day I spend photographing a wedding. But, then there are other creative styles of photography that I do along with pursuing the candid moments. Wedding portraits, for example. Also, the anticipated moments in the scripted ceremony - can I call them truly candid when I know what's bound to happen the next moment? Perhaps, creative would be a better word there. This is a compilation of my favorite truly candid moments from the Indian weddings that I photographed in 2016.