What If the city of Paris bans photography in front of the landmark Eiffel tower?
What if the tourism department of India or ASI imposes a fine on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for having his recent family portrait taken in front of the Taj Mahal? Or instead, impose a fine on the security guards at the Taj for allowing the Canadian prime minister to do so? What if Paris bans portraits of people with Eiffel Tower as the backdrop? What if Central Park in New York bans couple shoots and other photo ops in its space? And says that one can only photograph the leaves and flowers there? What if China says that you can only photograph the wall at the Great Wall of China and not the people standing in front of it? What if Mumbai bans photo shoots in Juhu beach? Or say, India bans photo shoots in its entire southern coastal stretch? Sounds absurd, right? Well, I felt the same when I read that the Horticultural Department in Karnataka has banned photo shoots in the historic & prominent landmark of Bengaluru city - The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.