Sleepwalking and The Passion Flower Massacre | Nicola Morgan
About The Passion Flower Massacre An 18-year-old girl and a charismatic cult-leader, both damaged by their pasts. A summer of strawberries, freedom, heat, temptation, passionflowers and murder. Twenty-five years later, an old woman with secret reasons for visiting the cult-leader in prison. And a final twist. The book is partly inspired by my fascination with the Jonesville massacre in 1979, a tragedy which I remember seeing splashed on the front pages of newspapers when I was 17. Over 900 people died, men, women and children, in a mixture of suicide pact and murder. How could people believe one man so strongly that they would take their own lives and those of their children, believing that they would go to heaven? How? The Passionflower Massacre seeks to show how that could happen. It affirms my own motto: "Believe nothing, whoever has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it accords with your own common sense." That is a Buddhist saying. I'm not a Buddhist; I have no religion. But it underpins my belief and faith in reason About Sleepwalking In a cowardly new world, the Citizens are free from suffering and pain, all their decisions made for them by the apparently benevolent Governators. But the Outsiders risk their lives to fight for real freedom, free will and the power of language. When a virus strikes, four chosen teenagers will need courage beyond imagination. If they can’t solve the City’s chilling secret, they will all die, along with Hope. 16-year-old blogger, Charlea Harrison, on the new double ebook edition: "These two novels were the first that I had ever read as an eBook, and at first I was apprehensive as to whether the experience of reading would be the same... Luckily for me, I was presented with two books teeming with imagination, originality and loveable protagonists. What more could you ask for?"