Positively Teenage (Signed copies) | Nicola Morgan
I know, from my work in schools, that there’s a hunger and a need for a positive view of adolescence. Parents of 10-12s in particular ask for something uplifting, unthreatening, empowering. I want to show young people and their parents that adolescence can be exciting, heartening, positive. Positively Teenage is published by Hachette Children's Group. The book covers many aspects of life: changes that happen in adolescence; looking after your physical health; making your brain work well and boosting mental health. There are tips and activities and everything is based around the principles of FLOURISH: Food, Liquid, Oxygen, Use, Relaxation, Interest, Sleep and Happiness. And it’s beautifully designed by the clever people at Hachette, making it a joy to read or dip into! Wonderful review on The Awfully Big Blog Adventure here. RESOURCES: You will find lots of resources about Positively Teenage here, including posters, handouts, teaching notes and a link to the "How Positively Teenage Are You?" quiz. A few more details below.