Positively Teenage | Nicola Morgan
I know, from my work in schools, that there’s a hunger and a need for a positive view of adolescence. Parents of 10-12s in particular ask for something uplifting, unthreatening, empowering. I want to show young people and their parents that adolescence can be exciting, heartening, positive. The book covers many aspects of life: changes that happen in adolescence; looking after your physical health; making your brain work well and boosting mental health. There are tips and activities and everything is based around the principles of FLOURISH: Food, Liquid, Oxygen, Use, Relaxation, Interest, Sleep and Happiness. And it’s beautifully designed by the clever people at Hachette, making it a joy to read or dip into! Wonderful review on The Awfully Big Blog Adventure here. Lovely review for the US edition (called Positively Teen and published July 2019) in the US School Library Journal: "From an internationally recognized expert on teen development, this title helps diffuse the fear and pessimism that often surrounds discussions of adolescence. While puberty, with all its emotions and physical changes, can feel daunting, the discourse and approach to it need not be negative. With its decidedly upbeat and positive tone, Morgan’s text provides a nice balance between being a pleasure read and a real self-help guide. It’s entertaining to peruse the funny bits that don’t try too hard, quizzes galore, and optimistic, solid advice. Morgan’s writing style and the advice she provides will resonate with tweens and their adult caregivers. Already published in the U.K., this reassuring work may help assuage feelings of panic and gloom and doom. VERDICT A fine addition to self-help shelves for middle schoolers." There are other fab reviews for both editions - I'm delighted and relieved! RESOURCES: You will find lots of resources about Positively Teenage here, including posters, handouts, teaching notes and a link to the "How Positively Teenage Are You?" quiz.