Brain Sticks™ (Primary school licence) | Nicola Morgan
100+ brilliant classroom activities and multimedia teaching ideas to teach young people how to make their brains work well and improve mental health and wellbeing for life. Expert content, exceptional value, hugely flexible, easy to use, empowering all your students to flourish. Pre-loaded onto a smart, branded USB stick in a presentation box. Once you've bought the stick with its perpetual licence, you can copy all the files onto other computers belonging to the purchasing organisation or individual. Ingenious, simple and super-value! "Absolutely loving the resource!" A school in the Rep of Ireland. "...your amazing BRAINSTICKS resources .... what leaps & bounds we’ve made in terms of supporting pupils’ wellbeing & stress/anxiety reduction!" Helen Keevil, Assistant Head in charge of Pupil Welfare at Epsom College. Brain Sticks come with a FREE pdf of my book Know Your Brain and a selection of full-colour posters and signed postcards. On one smart USB stick, you have a vast set of teaching materials, which you can use with every class, forever. NB: Equally useful for all English-speaking countries. If outside the UK, contact me for a price for overseas postage and payment details. Aimed at schools and organisations working with young people aged 10 to 19. (Self-employed individuals who wish to buy a single-user licence may also do so, with different terms. See the Licence. Primary Schools wishing to buy a cheaper version for 10-12s, please go here.) A multi-user licence for schools lets you use the materials on all computers in your organisation and for teachers preparing lessons at home; for use year after year without time-limit; the same applies to all the printable materials - you can print them as often as you like, forever. Please read the Licence before buying. More details below.