Body Brilliant - A Teenage Guide to a Positive Body Image | Nicola Morgan
We're all bombarded with information and images - through the media and our peers - about our appearance. This book addresses the psychology of body image and gives practical, empowering solutions for a more positive self-image. It includes real-life examples, quotes and anecdotes from adults and young people interviewed especially for this book. Body Brilliant explores psychological pressures that make us see our bodies in certain ways, positively or negatively, as well as considering how adolescent body changes, gender identity and gender expectations and sexual orientation can affect self-image, and looks at issues such as body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Body Brilliant also encourages you to think about how you view differences in others and understand that variety is a brilliant thing. And that being yourself is much better than being just like everyone else. Learn to celebrate the differences that make every body brilliant! In the second part of the book, you'll find fantastic advice about looking after your brilliant body, from eating well and exercising healthily to sleeping better, relaxing properly and looking after skin, hair, teeth and other aspects of physical health. Extras for you There's a Pledge postcard you can download and print to discuss or display: BB Pledge Postcard pdf Free teaching notes: BB Teaching Notes Free A3 poster of ten Body Brilliant body image tips: BB_Tips Poster To buy You can order a signed copy (or class set - email about a bulk discount) using the link below; buy or order from any bookshop; or order through Amazon