'외면할 수 없는 Confrontation' Exhibition Text by 임경민 Kyeongmin Lim | | Niall Craven
CONFRONTATION LIM Kyoungmin When I notice a coldness hidden under a calm and natural appearance, I feel torn whether I may think it over seriously or I just let it go beyond my memory as a scenery I usually pass by. But this inner conflict is in fact futile. If I couldn't disregard it at a first glance, I won't be able to forget it anyway. This world is so used to cruelty and apathy that we don't easily stop to pity others. However, there are some moments we can't help but feeling certain sympathy. Even though we want to overlook such a thing as a mere view seen through the car window, it keeps recurring from the bottom of our heart. Through the works of the artists Mirae Park and Niall Craven, I encounter that kind of thoughts that they couldn't just throw beyond the memory, the images derived from those thoughts, and a different but similar attitude of the two artists toward those objects. A living thing has its unique appearance to express its