Fight or Flight: A Review of Escapes & Reversals at Unity Lutheran Church | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Ginger Krebs' new dance theater piece invited the audience to watch from a lesser-used region of the brain. Fortunately, Krebs provided a cognitive warm-up; the program notes of "Escapes & Reversals" was an SAT-style analogy quiz, which attendees were invited to take once they settled into their bleacher seats in the gym of Unity Lutheran Church. The quiz, which included options like "Visibility is to democracy as mysticism is to ______ a. Google maps, b. targeted advertising, c. spyware, d. hyperobjects" and "White Elephants are to accountability as Black Lives Matter is to _________ a. 'All lives matter,' b. 'I think there is blame on both sides,' c. Youtube apology video, d. offshore tax haven," warmed us up for a game in which the current winner is clearly the resource-controlling, narrative-owning powers that be, but the underdog team, though skittish and sustaining damage, can still reveal truth, perhaps at times with tongue in cheek… or in this case tongue