Rising Up: Power OUCH! Festival Explores Violence and the Individual Experience | Newcity Stage
By Sharon Hoyer Performing artists Aurora Tabar and Carole McCurdy have been thinking a lot about violence lately, which may come as no surprise. "It's a fucked-up time," Tabar muses over coffee on a drizzly January day. "I don't think it's necessarily a more fucked-up time, in some ways, than any other time. But there's a lot of conversation about systems of oppression; the MeToo movement is huge [as are] conversations about perceptions of women, the objectification of women and how we're all complicit in that experience. There's a lot of reflection on what's being done to us, but also on our role and responsibility in how we should respond. I'm personally really interested in how we organize around that, taking a more positive response of how we can arm ourselves against oppression. Things in our political environment can be depressing if we let them be, or we can mobilize and empower ourselves even in the process of feeling disempowered." Enter "Power OUCH!," a four-day performance