Drama in the Details: Dramaturgs Describe Their Dream Projects | Newcity Stage
By Kevin Greene Chances are that you don't give enough thought to dramaturgs, unless you are one. As a critic, I feel a kindred spirit with them, although it's a comparison that likely flatters me more than them. Part of a dramaturg's job is to convey context, from the shade of purple on the fringe of a robe in ancient Greece to the regional variations of trap producers. It's this context that audience members, including writers like myself, pick up on, sometimes selectively, often unconsciously, though always in a way that creates a full sensorial experience. If everything that can be perceived in the theater is a choice, then it's a dramaturg's job to make sure that those decisions adhere to the underlying logic of the piece. Think of them as managers of artistic and intellectual cohesion. And while they are ever-attentive to the needs of others, dramaturgs naturally harbor dreams of their own. Maren Robinson Resident Dramaturg, TimeLine Theatre Company Dramaturgs are often viewed