Player of the Moment: Roell Schmidt and Links Hall | Newcity Stage
The first thing Roell Schmidt would like to make clear is that the story of Links Hall in the near-decade she's served as director—a title that she explains technically encompasses both the executive and the artistic, though the latter feels weird when the artists are artistically directing themselves—is not about one person. It's the story of artists, audiences, board members and committed staff "who bring each other cupcakes or find a song for a dance break because we're under stress about something. This staff is amazing." In the sunny back office of Links Hall, a half-eaten cake comprised of a bunch of individual cupcakes fused together with icing and "Pay the 40th Forward" written across the top, sits on a desk next to me, provided, Schmidt tells me, by Brett Swinney, Links' production director. Schmidt sits opposite me in an office chair, a kind presence and eloquent spokesperson for Links' mission and history, if not someone terribly comfortable at the center of attention. But