Tradition Reimagined: A Review of the Joffrey Ballet's "The Nutcracker" at the Auditorium Theatre | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED The holiday season is all about tradition. From trimming the tree to baking cookies to replaying tunes heard too many times to count, each year as the days shorten and the chill of the frost finds us, we find ourselves craving the familiar comfort of the known. "The Nutcracker" ballet holds high rank among America's holiday favorites, alongside hanging stockings on the mantel and drinking too much eggnog at office holiday parties. And, each winter, dance studios and companies across the country bring audiences together to partake in Tchaikovsky's sweeping music and the images of sugarplums dancing in an opulent Christmas wonderland. While it might seem overdone or even hokey to some, traditions such as this give us a sense of cohesion and permanency through the ever-changing perspective of time. But when repeated without a critical eye, traditions also have the potential to become habits and perpetuate stale social ideologies. The second act of "The Nutcracker," originally