Making Dance That Means More: Gary Abbott discusses his new work for Deeply Rooted Dance Theater | Newcity Stage
By Sharon Hoyer For more than twenty years, Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott, co-founders of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, have made and presented dances that celebrate community and nourish the soul through a blend of modern, contemporary and African dance traditions. Deeply Rooted will perform early repertory pieces by Jeff and Abbott along with one new work by Abbott in December at the Logan Center for the Arts, in "An Inspired Past, A Jubilant Future." Abbott spoke to us about his new piece, "Parallel Lives," as well as his hunger to continue pushing himself, now in his sixties, as an artist. Tell me the story behind "Parallel Lives." I grew up the only male in the house with eight women. I'm pretty caught up with what's going on with y'all. I am fascinated with how strong women are. I grew up, not in poverty, but in a pretty poor family and noticed how women who were as poor as each other supported each other. In the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, they always were there