Flower in the Dark: A Review of Twelfth Night at Midsommer Flight | Newcity Stage
RECOMMENDED Shakespeare, despite being a dead white guy, still has his finger on a pulse in more than one way. Beautiful poetry that taps into the heart of well-drawn characters? Got it. Puns, forefathers of the contemporary dad joke? Absolutely. Thought-to-be-dead twins? Chuckle gold, my friends. "Twelfth Night" hits all of the tonal tears and laughs that exist within Shakespeare, perhaps explaining why it's the most memorable of his comedies. Midsommer Flight's version does not miss many beats. Shakespeare, as anything other than a teaching tool and master class, is tough to work through. It's hard to fault a company for such a joyful (and misanthropic) production, especially when they're not asking for much or trying to pass the story off as high art. With a cast who do their darndest, the 100 minutes pass quickly. This play lives comfortably among the flowers of the Lincoln Park Conservatory Show House. The room, the original score, it's all comfy. Same with most of the