Triggered: A Defense of Theatrical Content Warnings | Newcity Stage
By Amanda Finn CW: Sexual assault of adults and children Trigger and content warnings: they are a topic of debate in all kinds of circles and have popped up frequently in my own circle largely because of the play "Downstate" at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. There is a lot of criticism targeted at trigger warnings. They can be seen as infantilizing an audience. Yet when it comes to offering people a chance to consider their own feelings, it shows that the theater takes respect of its audience into consideration. Take, for example, this lovely sentiment from a 2016 opinion piece about content warnings in academia from the New York Times: "It is not that difficult issues should not be taught—it is that they should be taught with nuance. Allowing a military veteran to skip a screening of 'Pearl Harbor' or to opt for a less graphic version of a chapter about the Vietnam War is not succumbing to 'political correctness' or interfering with learning; it is treating people with basic decency